Helping new brands start up and older ones level up.

My aim is to enrich user-journeys through the systemized and thoughtful application of design.



Most projects revolve around a company's brand experience; helping to build, maintain or express its unique personality.


User Centric

While I am hired and work for people, businesses, and boards, my main focus is building for audiences and end-users.


Collaborative in Nature

I like to collaborate with people. Working in sync so we can get from thinking to launch much faster.


Built for the Marathon

Long-term partnerships breed success. I like to support businesses through all stages of their growth.

What I do

With over 20 years of experience, I’m able to support businesses through all their growth stages.

I offer a number of services, but all of them can be categorized into two groups: building and creating brands and/or supporting and maintaining them.


Brand Development

Brand Guidelines

Design Systems

Identity & Logo Design

Video Production


Visual Design

UX / UI Design

Web Design

Wherever your business is in its current growth stage, I can help.

Building a new brand

You’re starting from zero

You’re a new company looking to build the foundations of a new brand.

Updating a tired brand

You’ve got something to start with

You’ve got the basics and need some help updating your style.

Maintaining an existing brand

You need marketing support

You got the foundations, but need trusted help for supporting output.

Custom built systems that ensure consistency and efficiency.

Brand recognition is achieved through consistent brand experiences. Consistency is built with strong corporate identity systems and flexible design systems. Along with regular design services, I custom build these systems and ensure that they are built to be brand-focused and achieve the best results for each company's unique expression.

While different, both systems go hand-in-hand to ensure your brand is being delivered consistently, while allowing you to move faster in the prototyping and exploration stages with less errors.

Companies I’ve worked with